“Energy Transition Paradox,” by Herbert Diess, Chairman of the Board, Volkswagen AG

“I can understand every young person who takes to the streets on Fridays.”  – Herbert Diess



“At the Wolfsburg plant, Volkswagen AG we are replacing our two coal-fired power plants with gas-steam turbines. From 2022, we will save 60% of CO2 – equivalent to the emissions of 870,000 cars.

“But 300 kilometres to the west, a large new coal-fired power station is to be connected to the grid in Datteln. We are investing 400 million in coal phase-out here. There, 1.5 billion was invested in coal entry. 

“If Germany does not make progress on the phase-out of coal, we cannot expect others to do so either. Seven of the ten largest CO2 emitters in Europe are German coal-fired power plants. The exit date 2038 – discouraged. And without clean energy, there is no clean mobility. Because electric cars are only as clean as the electricity they charge. 

“More than 1000 new coal-fired power plants are currently under construction or planning worldwide. If they all go online, we’re not just missing the Paris climate target of 1.5 degrees. We even exceed the 2 degree mark by far. Global warming would continue irreversibly. 

“By the way: I have already cancelled several interested parties who wanted to buy our old Wolfsburg coal blocks and rebuild them elsewhere in the world. 

“I can understand every young person who takes to the streets on Fridays.”






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