The AAAS pre-event movie at IMAX

Screen Shot 2020-02-12 at 9.34.58 PM.png


Secrets of the Universe

Screen Shot 2020-02-12 at 9.30.39 PM.pngWill stay secret with this film.  The film itself cost more than $6 million dollars to produce, of which NSF put forward $4 million.  It begins well enough, then wanders away from it assigned course at CERN.  It seems like its intended audience are grade-school children, who are still amazed by lights and sound.

In other words, there is no direction to the movie.  It meanders like the Danube, from one bank to a rock, then to another bank, then a rock.  From sub-atomic particles to microbiology with very little rhyme and no reason.  It dabbles with LIGO, but draws no strength from it to bring anything back home.  No questions answered, no questions really ask.

The commentator, who was present at the IMAX, seem confused beyond Special Relativity.  Finally saying, in answer to a completely valid question about “timespace”, with that telling word, “Well, physicists have be interested in space AND time for over a century.”  How child-like was his response.

The best part of his answer was, “Have you seen Interstellar?  That is a great movie to answer your question about space and time.” So, not this one, but Interstellar.  Thanks!

This movie was pure plebum.  Nothing of any value was answered by it, nor ask of it.

In the end, the commentator said, the majority of work going on at CERN today is into “dark matter”, and would that be cool, “if they discovered something.”

I smiled and left.



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