Fusion Energy by 2030

My patent attorney invited me to lunch at The Capital Grille.  He’s a nice guy, but an engineer. You know.  Not a scientist.  He thinks “fission energy” is a radical idea for clean energy. Not.

I told him by 2030, we’ll have commercial fusion power.  I know.  I have seen it in my second country, Canada.  It works.  The seed idea – magnitized target fusion [ionized plasma] – came out of the Naval Research Lab in Washington, D.C. in the early 1970’s.  The United States, at the time was engaged in an endless war in Indochina and it’s 2nd President (Nixon) was facing impeachment, gave up on the idea and discontinued funding.  One scientist thought it was a great idea however, and continued developing it with new technology and a faith in the future, and turned it into a company with a viable timetable.  Here’s the story of General Fusion and why they will be the first company with commercial fusion power plants  => http://www.generalfusion.com



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