Corona-virus has already ‘gone global’


CDC – 1918 Pandemic in three waves

“…no shade in the shadow of the Red Cross or Red Crescent or Red Star.”

There were three waves in 1918. Yet the “null” wave, mostly undetected was in Fall, 1917. “Came on as a simple flu,” then receded; mutated and resurrected in March, 1918.  How do we know? DNA back-engineering of strains from an isolated population of Inuit in Brevig Mission, AK; victims buried in a mass grave of permafrost.  I also know from personal history described by my Dad and recorded locally in Scandia, KS.  My Dad was only 5 years old when he caught the “null” wave flu in Scandia.  He survived.  And survived all subsequent waves with the immunity granted by his first sickness.  I was less fortunate in 1957.  I incubated two-to-three pandemic strains at once in Seattle Children’s Hospital, and was put in isolation. My parents wore surgical masks to visit me.  I could not eat solid food for a week.  I recovered, of course.

Flu shots work. Get a flu shot.

LESSON FROM ALL PANDEMICS: By the time the first fatalities strike, it has already gone global. Even to a small, isolated village in Alaska.  There truly is no shade in the shadow of the Red Cross or Red Crescent or Red Star.

Screen Shot 2020-01-31 at 6.13.01 AM

Brevig Mission was an isolated Inuit Village in 1918.  How the pandemic arrived there is still an open question, but arrive it did.  72 of the 80 adults died of it who had lived there.  Their remains were buried in a mass, permafrost grave.  The road from Nome, north to Teller was completed in the 1960’s.  It allowed the U.S. mail to be delivered in a VW “bug” from Nome Airport to Teller by 1968.  Teller sets opposite Brevig Mission at Port Clarence.

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