Why do people follow when you advertise ‘DON’T FOLLOW’ ?


A mystery to me.  Humans may follow you, then read your profile.  After that, they generally unfollow you.  That’s a human response. If not, the Wang Zhenyi AI will send a nice little personal message, and ‘BLOCK’ them.

Do they feel they will be out-of-touch if they do not follow something or someone with your @ sign?  Or do they think that is the “easy thing to do.”  Just hit the “Follow” button, then they don’t have to think?

Or are they completely mind-dead, using their Reptilian brain deep in the hypothalamus to “follow the light”.  We observed this sometimes at Burning Man as a volunteer EMT when on swing-shift QRV duty.  We had to turn down our high beams, because folks would come out of no where in the dark of the Playa and stand in the headlights, like deer. Seriously.

Or are they ‘bots, so programmed to “follow” anyone/anything on a special “hit list”…

Our interaction model on social media is slightly different than that proposed and evolved by the founders and owners of social media.  In fact, it’s the opposite in some ways.

At I Really Appreciate Science we do not allow followers on our Twitter® or Instagram® feeds.  Period.  We will follow folks in the news and interact via Direct Message (DM) with real humans, individually.  But no mass of followers for us.

Science is not a democracy.  It is not made better by a mass of followers.  Democracy is made better by the masses, not science.  We need both democracy and science.” – Dr. Kenneth M. Beck






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