Oh. You wanted specific demands?

Climate Change (pre-Greta)

Climate ACTION (Greta)


The Davos-People are beginning to understand that we are in a Climate Emergency. That if we do not act this year – 2020 – to end all our emissions we will set off down a jolly road of malfeasance and mayhem.  A road of No Return.  With No Future.

Yes.  We made “specific demands” and “things-to-do”.  Demands based on and backed-up by both the science and the scientific community.  And you guys ignored them completely!  This will take time.

But, not too much time.  It’s not 1999,  after all, but 2020.

(Although we do LOVE the song.  Listen to the lyrics ’bout the future.)

We went to Davos and the World Economic Forum

Screen Shot 2020-01-25 at 9.10.43 AM.png “A lot of people have been asking for “specific demands” and “things to do” to tackle the ongoing climate emergency.  So we made some specific demands and those demands were ignored completely.  But we didn’t expect anything else… This will take time. Since the crisis has never been treated as a crisis, the level of awareness is way too low for any real change to happen yet. But things are changing! And we will not give up. This is only the beginning.”

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