The Effect of Combustion of Coal on the Climate and Humanity



Well, you cannot plead ignorance. We have known since the Pennsylvania anthracite coal strikes that formed the United Mine Workers Union in the early years of the 20th Century. When Teddy Roosevelt nationalized the coal fields temporarily and settled the strikes?

Guess what, coal is in the news, again! This time in Australia’s Queensland Adani Open Pit Coal Fields. The question on everyone’s mind is this: Can this system of energy distribution ever be finished with coal. coal. Coal?

Like a drunk, who has been on the wagon, and off again, he just cannot seem to break free of his root-addiction.  After all, he began his career as an inebrient with iron and coal in the mid-19th Century.  The energy sector blossomed with coal-driven electricity in the cities, and coal-driven steam in the railroads of the country.  Then took deep root, once again, with its legitimization after the 1902-1904 re-capitalizations and industrial peace associated with the UMW contracts and Roosevelt-era of monopoly-“busting” in both industrial contracts of Carnegie and Rockefeller, and the vertical integrations of Ford Motors.  Coal was associated with national security and national policy through two World Wars, and a Cold War.

It is again.

But, perhaps, in a different way, today.  A national security transformed forever by climate change.  A national policy of climate denial and climate inaction, forever exposed both in the lies of an older generation and in the struggle for a life with meaning by a future generation.

Nothing will fall away of its own accord.  So, it is true of coal.  It must be ended consciously; resolutely.  With no looking back.  Just stop it.  Stop it now.



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