Namaste – A Roadmap to Western Psychology in the Time of Empire [Part Du]


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“Nova, Nova” an hymn sung by a female choir during the Anglican Mass includes the invocation – “I am but a handmaiden for the lord’s will.”


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I receive, maybe 10-20 “hits” from ‘bots, like this, every night to the Twitter feed of I Really Appreciate Science.  At first, I thought it was humorous; then, I thought it sad if it represented ‘real people.’  
Finally, I just block and throw away.  It is clear the origin is programmed ‘bots.  Real folks would read who they are trying to “connect with” on Twitter.  Like their profile…maybe?
(Here’s an simple experiment for you conscious-being at home.  Change your profile pic to a young, virile person; see what happens.  Then to an old, grumpy person, or even a – god-forbid – “cat”. Crunch stat.s.  Interesting isn’t it?)
I do not want followers. “DO NOT FOLLOW”, I say in caps on the Twitter profile.  I keep my DM open, however, for direct, real contact.
My model for interaction is far different than Twitters.  I have told them so.  Their social media model seems dedicated to amassing followers, or ‘customer-clients’ not original thought or ideas.  Nor real interactions, perhaps.  It is easy to fall prey to this, particularly in individuals with no or little self-esteem.
I use it as a feed, mostly.  Like I use Instagram, mostly – with plenty of room to experiment!
Again, please do not blame any human person or person(s).  As a citizen of Empire here in the USA, I understand the privileged position we hold in the World.  Even if you are dirt-poor by local standards, you are actually wealthy by World-standards.
So, what I am describing is The Steppe Wolf  (Steppenwolf) Model of Magic Theater.
The key aspect of which is this:
Harry Haller is intro’d, “to the indulgences of the “bourgeoisie.”  She teaches Harry to dance, introduces him to casual drug-use, finds him a lover (Maria) and,  most importantly, forces him to accept these as legitimate and worthy aspects of a full-life.”



Yes, it is the extreme forms of bourgeois society on parade:

  • Two Roles For Women highlighting it.  Both as Mother, Dominant Wife, then as breeder, consort, and submissive. What has changed?
  • Drugs.  Can we say any more about “casual drug use” or “hard drug use?” De nada.
  • Find-A-Lover.  Why not have many?  Why not count coup?
  • Dance and Die.  What is more to an Imperial life-style? Can you DO anything? Can you cook Real Food?  Do you have any memory worth having?
  • Vote for the Popular Candidate!


Hmm. Part Three?




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