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Are we seeing the beginning of our business leaders’ understanding taking hold; to challenge “Business as usual?”  We hope so.  We believe so. It may be our final, best hope.

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Nation’s Two Largest Automobile Associations Join Forces to Create the Alliance for Automotive Innovation

January 8, 2020

Deep History of Both Global Automakers and Alliance of Automobile Manufacturers Creates Stronger, United Voice; Includes Current Membership and New Entrants in Personal Mobility Market

LAS VEGAS, NV – Global Automakers and The Alliance of Automobile Manufacturers today announced the formation of a new association leveraging the expansive history of both organizations while creating a single, unified industry voice. The Alliance for Automotive Innovation, representing innovative manufacturers and value chain partners who together produce nearly 99 percent of all light-duty vehicles sold in the United States, will work to speed the safe deployment of advances in personal transportation through effective public policy, stakeholder engagement and greater public understanding.

The organization will be the acknowledged automotive industry resource and will focus its advocacy work on creating a safe and transformative path for the industry’s growth. John Bozzella, former president and CEO of Global Automakers, will lead the organization.

“As the singular, clear and respected voice of the automotive industry, it will be the role of this organization to help guide our members and partners through the exciting technological advances and transitions in the industry,” said John Bozzella, president and CEO of Alliance for Automotive Innovation. “With deep industry roots and expertise, we will be the voice that advocates for policies supporting our industry’s efforts to develop cleaner, safer and smarter mobility options for the American public.”

Globally, automakers spent more than $125 billion on R&D in 2018 alone. The industry is granted nearly 5,000 patents each year, all while meeting or exceeding hundreds of government safety and environmental regulations, per vehicle, in the U.S. alone. With automotive technology advancing at rates unequalled since the industry’s birth, the next few years will impact the U.S. automobile industry for decades to come. New sensing and imaging technologies, advancements in artificial intelligence, and ever-increasing connectivity will make personal transportation safer, smarter and more efficient than ever—saving lives, resources and money.

“Bringing new technologies to market requires legislative actions and a regulatory environment that allow us the freedom to innovate,” added Bozzella. “It is critical our organization work to ensure elected officials and regulatory bodies understand how key technological improvements can help improve the health, safety and well-being of our customers, their constituents, and the ten million workers involved in the auto sector. This combined organization will help guide the industry, bringing new innovations and policies to market.”

All members of the merged associations will be part of the new organization. In addition, members have expressed interest in actively recruiting new personal mobility and technology companies, including new entrants to the auto sector focused on self-driving, electrified and connected vehicles.

About the Alliance for Automotive Innovation

Formed in 2020, the Alliance for Automotive Innovation is the singular, authoritative and respected voice of the automotive industry. Focused on creating a safe and transformative path for sustainable industry growth, the Alliance for Automotive Innovation represents the manufacturers producing nearly 99 percent of cars and light trucks sold in the U.S. The newly established organization, a combination of Global Automakers and Alliance of Automobile Manufacturers, will be directly involved in regulatory and policy matters impacting the light-duty vehicle market across the country. Members include U.S. operations of international motor vehicle manufacturers, original equipment suppliers, technology and other automotive-related companies and trade associations. The Alliance for Automotive Innovation is headquartered in Washington, DC, with offices in Detroit, MI and Sacramento, CA. For more information, visit our website

Press Contacts:

Wade Newton, Senior Director of Communications
202 326 5571 (office)
202 329 1396 (cell)

Allison Niday, Impact Communications

Kelly Karr, Impact Communications

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