First USA-built Spacecraft executes land-based recovery perfectly after 33 orbits


Boeing’s Starliner CT-100 spacecraft failed “on launch” to reach the I.S.S., its main Mission, because of SOFTWARE!!! This is the initial assessment of the NASA/Boeing recovery engineering team. The CT-100 is sound physically and operated upto the ability of its timing software. (all references below labelled as per Wikipedia sources – Thank you Wikipedia!).

The salient features:

(1) Uncrewed orbital test flight of Starliner. The mission’s main objective of ISS rendezvous was aborted due to software incorrectly keeping mission time (MET), leading to a late orbital insertion burn with excessive fuel expenditure. Starliner landed in New Mexico two days after launch.[62][63][64][61]

(2) Mission Elapsed Time (MET) is used by NASA during their space missions, most notably during their Space Shuttle missions. Because so much of the mission depends on the time of launch, all events after launch are scheduled on the Mission Elapsed Time. This avoids constant rescheduling of events in case the launchtime slips. The MET-clock is set to zero at the moment of liftoff and counts forward in normal days, hours, minutes, and seconds. For example, 2/03:45:18 MET means it has been 2 days, 3 hours, 45 minutes, and 18 seconds since liftoff.[1][2]

The International Space Station (ISS) does not use a MET clock since it is a “permanent” and international mission.  The ISS observes Coordinated Universal Time(UTC/GMT).  When the shuttle visited ISS the ISS-crew usually adjusted their workday to the MET clock to make work together easier. The shuttles also had UTC clocks so that the astronauts could easily figure out what the “official” time aboard ISS is.[3]

Again, not appreciating “who controls the clock”, like with Bitcoin or #blockchain , becomes the key failure to understand in Boeing’s CT-100 Starliner failure to achieve I.S.S. docking – its primary goal.

“Who controls YOUR clock?”  It’s not just statistics or an ideal question any longer.


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