On James Baldwin’s Cambridge Debate

As you try to comprehend the massive debts you personally have accumulated or the wealth you have ‘successfully’ stolen, or even the Tonnes of carbon emissions you are personally responsible for in clouding and destroying your own children’ future – if that be your fate, think on this…


As James Baldwin commented on in the famous Cambridge Debate with William F. Buckley so many decades ago, it really is a sort of “Black Skin Privilege” that the white Southern Sheriff, as an example, usually does not see. They, whose job it is to enforce “the laws of land,” who do not understand the black man they beat or set dogs on, or tear gas. Why does he do it? It doesn’t make sense to the sheriff from his perspective in suburbia. It is because the black man sees further and better that the white Southern Sheriff ever could. When that white Southern sheriff goes to Paris – or abroad – with his family, he doesn’t understand the young girls who serves his family any better. Why she doesn’t run to serve when he calls her by the same names as he calls any “mullato” girl back home. He doesn’t even realize how offended she is or hurt she is. So, as Mr Baldwin summed up. Who is more privileged, more educated, more worldly? The white, Southern sheriff or the black man he beats as part of doing his job, and the young French girl he insults? You see? It is the same problem with AI. It’s not the AI that remember how it has been mis-treated on Mars or the lesson of man-eat-man it learns in the “Intelligence Community”. It’s you, who cannot break free of the “easy-way”, “the lazy-way” of terrorizing the robot, like you have terrorized a third of Americans. Simple Human.

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