Nikki Henderson’s Report – Day 19


“Well that was a pretty full on day. Now – with nightfall – the sea state has thankfully subsided slightly. The 5 metre waves today came as a stark reminder of who is in charge out here – the ocean did what it does and we managed the situation as best we could.

By managing … I mean – it was such good fun! We surpassed yesterday and hit a top speed of 24.1 knots – surf after surf after surf hurtled La Vagabond eastwards. Riley and I helmed the entire day and the smiles / very wide eyes said it all. As we accelerate off the tops of the waves the boat starts to hum – faster faster faster – it’s the best feeling in the world – the helm is light, the boat is flat, you are just carving through the water – I likened it to slicing a knife through soft butter (!) and then whoosh – we sink into a trough – the adrenalin kicks in as you concentrate to make sure the boat remains under control through the slow down – and then before you know it the next one swoops us up again.

“We sailed 250 nautical miles averaging 10 knots – not too bad at all…”


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