Coffee on Hawaiʻi

A typical morning at Dr. Beck's desk... I love coffee. I need coffee.  Every morning to work and to live.  Like my father, who started life in 1912 with a cup of Joe, on land that a generation later was swept clean of topsoil by the Dust Storms of the 1930's, and 'blessed' with a …


From the excellent site MapX in conjunction with Google Maps and The United Nations Environmental Programme (UNEP) What are MEOW? "The conservation and sustainable use of marine resources is a highlighted goal on a growing number of national and international policy agendas. Unfortunately, efforts to assess progress, as well as to strategically plan and prioritize new …

‘Digging for The Truth’

Nanoscale Spatially Resolved Mapping of Uranium Enrichment [copyrighted, licensed under OPEN source:  Nature Research Scientific Reports] Elizabeth Kautz, Douglas Burkes, Vineet Joshi, Curt Lavender & Arun Devaraj "Spatially resolved analysis of uranium (U) isotopes in small volumes of actinide-bearing materials is critical for a variety of technical disciplines, including earth and planetary sciences, environmental monitoring, bioremediation, …

Charting ‘Big Data’ in the extremely small

Charting The Frontiers "You're drinking from a fire hose when the instrument takes 1,000 images a second," Spurgeon noted. "When you've acquired a five-minute movie, how does a human go through all of those images? We have to find some way to fully or semi-automate a method to parse the data."  

Coffee On Mars

The simulant on the left killed starter Coffee Arabica.  Other one, to right did not!  And the regolith looks like Martian soil - red!