Vice President Pence at NASA-Ames from Fox News…


(1) “The next human American Man and first American Woman…”

I for one am actually glad he inserted “human” into that sentence.  If you remember, the first American in space was a chimpanzee, unfortunately, before JFK set us on the correct course and Johnson took over NASA, transforming it.

JFK was sworn into office on January 20, 1961 and Commander “Ham” was launched in a non-partisan lift-off January 31, 1961.

I am not encouraged that he reversed the order to, “Next American Man and first American Woman”.

I still support an ALL-WOMAN CREW to be the first Americans.  12 American Men have been there.  Time to play catch-up.

(2) “By the end of this year, we will launch from American soil in American rockets, American astronauts to space (ISS?).”

All I can say is, HALLELUJAH!!!

It’s about time we as a free people; a democracy be in a position to exert  and regain our leadership in space!

Why do we pay Putin and Russia $70 million/per RT for one Astronaut? That era is coming to an end before 2020.

(3) “Let’s get to work!” 

I agree.


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