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Astronauts  Ms Christina H. Koch and Dr Jessica U. Meir were the first all-women crew allowed to venture into open Space by NASA.  Are they the first all-women crew to set foot on the Moon?  They’re ready for Artemis! They’re ready for the Moon!

One reason that we are no longer in 1st place in Advanced Technology, despite protestations by “experts” and “NASA Administrators”, both Democrats and Republicans:  “We gave up on human space exploration in the early 21st Century.”  Just ask Buzz Aldrin!  “We didn’t go on to Mars!

Winning the “Space Race to the Moon” allowed the USA, in a very real way, to win the Cold War.  As a result, we became accustom to the easy life; the bureaucratic life of Empire and Power.

NASA is a prime example of that bureaucracy.  Running the Space Shuttle too long with no viable program to take its place.  It never did make 60 missions a year – its stated goal, by the way.  As Richard Feynman summarized well in From Earth To Moon to Reality for NASA.

The Question is not Why?  The Question is Why Not an All-Woman Crew?

Twelve (12) men have stepped foot on the Moon.  Not one woman.  Not one woman.

Time to play catch-up?  The next crews to the Moon MUST BE WOMEN!

The date set by the VPOTUS, SpaceX/ ElonMusk and the woman who makes SpaceX run and gives it a whole lot of vision, Gwynne Shotwell is 2024.  Now Blue Origin/ Jeff Bezos says 2024.  There is movement via Virgin Galatica to send an all-women crew. Even the VPOTUS -who chose his words carefully in giving the command to NASA, “Let me be clear, the FIRST WOMAN and the next man on the Moon will be American Astronauts, launched by American rockets, from American soil.” He did not rule out an all-woman crew.  The next man might be on the follow-up craft, re-supplying the Moon Base.


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