Nobel Prize in Literature 2018 [Awd 2019]

Screen Shot 2019-10-10 at 7.58.09 AM

Olga Tokarczuk

for a narrative imagination that with encyclopedic passion represents the crossing of boundaries as a form of life.”

Perhaps.  She is a writer, activist, and public intellectual who has been described as one of the most acclaimed and successful authors of her generation (b. 1962).  In 2018, she won the Man Booker International Prize for her novel Flights (translated by Jennifer Croft), becoming the first Polish writer to do so.

Tokarczuk is particularly noted for the mythical tone of her writing.  She trained as a psychologist at the University of Warsaw [which should not be held against her] and published poemsnovels; and shorter prose.  Flights won the Nike Award, in 2008.  With her novel Księgi jakubowe (The Books of Jacob), Tokarczuk won a second Nike Award seven years later.  In 2015, Tokarczuk received the International Bridge Prize,  a recognition extended to persons especially accomplished in the promotion of peace, democratic development and mutual understanding among the people and nations of Europe today.


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