WOW! Just Wow! 5th Graders grow coffee in Martian regolith simulant and Earth Soil !!!

Screen Shot 2019-09-13 at 2.05.34 PMThe South Kona Coast looking SW. Some of the richest varieties of Arabica coffee species are grown here, by  Hawai`ian farmers on small plots.  Coffee is in trouble.


Try this at home and in school!


One of the things that folks today may not realize is that MANY OF THE ADVANCES IN THE SPACE AGE – APOLLO – SPACE SHUTTLE – I.S.S. happen here on Earth involving punk kids.  That is a stand-along true fact.

Many did not even involve going to space.  After all, THERE IS NO PLANET B, guys.  We hope one day, but not right now, no.

Science Advances

I have grown coffee plants in Earth soil and three types of Martian simulated regolith. Some free, most not free.

My coffee plant experiments involved only one plant per soil, with the help of an horticulturist in Oregon guiding me along.  I have plenty of time. I am retired.

Every year, I go to Hawai`i to study coffee; to drink coffee; to try and help the small-plot coffee producers in a bad way with pests and global warming.  Most coffee species in the World are threatened by Global Warming.

This year, I get to stay for an entire month. Hopefully in coffeee season.

Did I say, this is sorta undercover?  NASA, bless their administrative heart, does not believe coffee is a priority for space-flight and Moon- or Mars-settlement.

Ask any Astronaut, though…. Yep you get the picture.  So wouldn’t it be cool if punk kids come to the fore again; to come up with “solutions” ?


Up Close with Kona Coffee







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