First Read Review – ‘inconspicuous consumption’ ©

Inconspicuous consumption  the environmental impact you don’t know you have

By Tatiana Schlossberg

I was on the waiting list for months, then pre-ordered this book almost immediately.  Finally, on 27AUG19 I had the funds to have it delivered by Amazon.

First Read Review  => Ms. Schlossberg has, humorously enough, raised the bar of understanding on what it means to be an American Consumer.  And then to consume responsibly.


She has taken a very detailed look at the things we use in daily life – sort of a ‘Day in The Life of Consumption’ – from the climate-cost of a single live stream of an HBO series like GoT© to the farmed-fish we just ate as frozen dinners.

I will list the chapters here –

Technology and the Internet




This is both a resource guide and a reference to “Better Living and Equity through Mindful Creation and Consumption” (I bet someone has a simpler description).

Back cover accolades:



About the Author

Tatiana Sclossberg is a journalist writing about climate change and the environment.  She previously reported on those subjects for the Science and Climate sections 0f the New York Times, where she also worked the Metro desk…She lives in New York.

Screen Shot 2019-09-01 at 12.00.55 PM

photo credit: Facebook.  Her wedding day to George Moran, a medical student in 2017.




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