America’s Cup Territory


Newport, R.I.,was the center of most international boat racing in the era of American ingenuity and innovation and the New York Yacht Club held a trophy so long it was gifted and deeded The America’s Cup. (The Malizia II prepares for NYC near a point south of the famed race course.)

Eventually,  American inventiveness was replaced by a Rules Committee on J-boat racing and then 12-Metre boats, so that international racing yachts would be “fair”, and essentially the same.  Novelty and innovation were quenched for the most part, and America would retain “The America’s Cup until 1983.

Now the Malizia II brings back those days with a different challenge.  Humanity is killing the planet. We must stop. We’re in a different race now.  One we can and must win. It will take all of America’s innovative spirit and intelligence to win it here. It will take all of the World’s ability to win it everywhere.


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