Greta in three days

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Jon Krakauer, quoting from his own undergraduate thesis, wrote in his introduction to Farthest North by the great Norwegian/Swedish Scientist Prof. Dr. Fridtjof Nansen,

“Why should we be interested in the jottings of explorers and adventurers?  The oldest, most widespread stories in the World are adventure stories…That ‘man’ risking his life in perilous encounters constitutes the original definition of what is worth talking about.”

What is worth talking about?

Is it even more true in the 21st Century – The Century of The Woman – that a young Swedish girl’s story of suffering, isolation, and misunderstanding; a “spectrum child” slotted for the periphery of society, should arise like a modern-day phoenix to risk all; her life; her families’ income and love, to speak more clearly than anyone else, the truth to us and those in power?  When she is needed most by humanity?  Then, true to the principle that shaped the movement she help build – “if activism works, then act!” crosses the Atlantic in a sailing vessel carbon-neutral much like a Viking shield-maiden of old, a modern-day Freydís Erikisdóttir or Legertha.  But her Sword and Shield, of Climate Action and Equity are not meant to divide and conquer, but to unite and strength. Heading for the United Nations Conference of Parties 2019 in NYC.

68C2580E-86C5-4784-9334-3FC03ED2B837Greta south of Newfoundland reports,”Very bumpy and wet!”

Víkingur means traveler. In many ways Greta Thunberg is the 21st Century traveler, but instead of new lands to explore she moves all of us to new ways of building human society to protect the Earth.  “Everything must change!” – Greta

Skipper Boris Herrmann’s challenge to Science and Kids for Download

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