First American Citizen ‘Environmental Refugees’

I met last night, up close and personal.  At a friend’s house in Redmond.  My friend is a realtor.  These folks were realtors, when people wanted to buy hot land in hot deserts.  They come from Texas.  They come from North Carolina. They come from Louisiana, or Eastern Oregon and Washington.  They come from Arizona.  The first waves of American Citizen Refugees to the Pacific Northwest.

Some understand their plight.  Some do not, but follow their spouse or family.  Others just say, “It’s grown too hot for us in Bumplace, Arizona.  We want a place in Seattle, again.”  They are ALL SHOCKED at the cost-of-living here. Not sure why.

Our local gym is closing for the last part of August, possibly to open in September.  They say we can go to one up north. The gym’s already been inundated by the homeless looking for showers; shelter.

Environmental Refugees explained by Carl Sagan.  Don’t fit that particularly mold?  Don’t worry, we have one for you.


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