Arctic Wildfires are Spreading

What’s causing the huge uncontrolled fires to spread…

Lack of Action on The Climate

Carbon Emissions Unabated

Global satellites are now tracking a swathe of new and ongoing wildfires within the Arctic Circle. The conditions were laid in June, the hottest June for the planet in recorded human history.

The fires are releasing huge volumes of previously-stored carbon dioxide and methane – carbon stocks that have in some cases been held in the ground for thousands of years.

Many scientists say what we’re seeing is evidence of the kind of feedbacks we should expect from global warming, where increased concentrations of greenhouse gases drive more warming, which then create the conditions that release yet more carbon into the atmosphere.

A lot of the particulate matter from these fires will eventually come to settle on ice surfaces further north, darkening them and thus accelerating melting.

It’s all part of a process…

Presentational grey line

What is being done to tackle the fires?

Russian authorities are not tackling the majority of the fires as they argue the cost would be bigger than the damage caused by the flames.  “They do not threaten any settlements or the economy,” the press service of the Krasnoyarsk Region forestry ministry told a Siberian news website.


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