Live small. Think large.

A2B6F390-0D1D-47BF-B89A-9D8157A94239Seattle’s in the upper 80s to low 90s outside, but a persistent mid-70’s inside. Doors closed. Thermopane window closed. Blinds closed. Prismatic polycarbonate static film on inside windows (see below, cost $45). No air-conditioning. No swamp-cooler. Science is not democracy. It’s science. The only sources of heat are humans, refrig, sunlight. Stop more IR from generating from the UV sunlight. Preparation. Discipline. We need less carbon emissions.  We need more science.  Keeping your home or apartment insulated is key.


FC93481A-E1FA-43B5-B8DB-77AF0DE3DF8BIn the late evening or early morning hours, open your thermopane window and break open your insulated home. At night, Seattle is down to 59-61F. Open the window in the early morning for as long as you can if the temps are below the mid-70 level.  Coolest part of day 4-5AM in Summer. Then seal shut and insulate your home for the rest of the day. Fresh air in the morning and while you sleep. Remember => Discipline and Preparation. First order of business now is to make coffee before it’s too hot. Also, a good time to wash dishes and clean clothes, before closing window.


What is the prismatic polycarbonate static film that we scientists speak of, above?  Well, the version we use is called “Rabbitgoo” (Please.  Don’t ask me about the trade name.)


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