“The Devastating Reason Some Women Are Deciding Not To Have Children”

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[Excerpts posted here, at the suggestion of a good friend, and as a valuable resource for the future world]

Screen Shot 2019-07-02 at 7.59.25 AM“It was a powerful relief to say it out loud and to hear someone else recognize it.”

By Laura Paddison, 

“There’s a moment in the evening when I go to check on my children in their beds. I stay and watch them sleep for a while, enjoying their peaceful, steady breathing and the rare stillness in their faces. I feel a wave of love for them but also a jab of fear.

“There were many things I expected to experience when I became a parent. Love, a fierce sense of protection, exhaustion, bone-crushing tedium. What I didn’t expect was so much fear — not so much about grazed knees and high fevers, but an existential fear about what kind of life my children can expect in a world facing down environmental crises too enormous and terrifying to wrap our heads around.Â

“I have covered the environment for many years; I knew climate change was a disaster already unfolding: waste was building up on a planet with nowhere to put it, wildlife and trees were disappearing at an alarming rate. And yet I decided to have one child, and then another.

“Five years later and the world feels so much worse. My head is filled with statistics about soaring temperatures,  sea level rises and insect deaths, with images of  fires ripping through communities;  islands being swallowed by the sea.

“This connection between the two women planted the seed for Conceivable Future’s model, which centers on bringing people together to talk about the climate crisis through the lens of their parenthood hopes and fears.

“When you look at all the social movements in history that have been successful, a common theme is that people can really understand what this means for their own lives, said Kallman, a sociologist and city councillor.

“The organization helps people put on house parties, gatherings where participants those without children as well as those who are expecting or already have kids come together to tell their stories.

“Some of these stories, which Kallman and Ferorelli calls testimonies, are filmed and uploaded.

“Mei’s is one of the most recent. For a long time, she says in the video, she didn’t want to have children. There was a knot of reasons: The potential hit to her career along with the lack of support in the U.S. for parents raising kids. But one concern really gnawed at her.

“I came to realize it was about climate change and anxiety about what kind of a world I would be leaving to a potential child,” said Mei, 37, who lives in Chicago.

“She had lengthy debates with her husband. The entire time the conversation centered on climate change and whether that was an ethical thing for us to do.  Eventually, they decided to go for it, and Mei’s first baby is due in August.  But she remains deeply worried.

“Other testimonies reveal the agony of indecision. Meghan Hoskins, a 23-year-old from New Hampshire who very much wants kids, lays out her dilemma: “I am afraid that they will eventually have to live in a world where there is no fresh water and that is increasingly full of dangerous and toxic chemicals.”

“Back in March, during an Instagram livestream from her kitchen, Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-N.Y.) paused from cooking to say: There’s scientific consensus that the lives of children are going to be very difficult. And it does lead young people to have a legitimate question: Is it OK to still have children?”

This is an excerpt only.  We do this at IReallyAppreciateScience.com to aid in the relevant news of Global Warming and Climate Change so folks can focus on what is happening and what is needed to change in our life-styles to act on it.

“Activism works, so act,” say Greta and Anuna. Greta herself hopes to have children one day, as she has stated. Many dedicated writers, copy-editors, and publishers work on a news story.  If you feel you wish to read it all, you can at the Link to Full-Article and perhaps subscribe to the periodical.  Just a thought.

One Reply to ““The Devastating Reason Some Women Are Deciding Not To Have Children””

  1. 9 billion people on earth now. The only humane solution to prevent global disaster is a worldwide halt of births, followed by a legal limit to number of children per family.
    https://youtu.be/pSxQZJ0AvKM I am a male and reluctant to have children for the same reasons.


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