Arctic Sea-Ice near Solstice, Summer 2019

“May saw above average temperatures over nearly all of the Arctic Ocean, Baffin Bay, and Greenland.

“Early sea ice retreat in the Bering Sea extended into the southern Chukchi Sea. Northern Baffin Bay and the Nares Strait have low ice cover. By month’s end, open water extended along the northeastern Alaskan and northwestern Canadian coasts, all well ahead of schedule.

“However, this was partly balanced by slower-than-average ice loss in the Barents Sea. At the end of May, Arctic sea ice daily extent stood at second lowest in the 40-year satellite record.”

This is the death knell of the Chukchi/Bering Sea sub-species of Polar Bear. In two generations, few in the World will understand why protestors even wore those white faux fur costumes.

The one, small bright spot is this: the slow melt of the B-K region, although this is partly due to a re-freezing in early February.

As always, we will keep our final forecast for this Winter, until the Arctic Sea-Ice minimum occurring in early September.

One of the most interesting aspects of global warming is it’s entropic nature. It truly is global in character. Like we observed in Eastern Iceland, so too in Alaska. Temperatures “appear” to be cooling, but in fact, traditionally hot interiors are now in equilibrium at lower temperatures with costal, temperate regions.

Take Fairbanks, AK. It should be hotter here than on the coast in Nome, AK. They are now both in the 55-65F range during the day, cooling slightly at night. Both cities at ~100+ miles south of the Arctic Circle and experience the same amount of Sun. Like Eastern Iceland, the temperature is reaching that of the thermal bath. At least it appears to be. For now, this is a note only.




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