Back To The Moon! On To Mars!


Made from 5 light frames by Starry Sky Stacker 1.2.0.  Algorithm: Mean
Made from 5 light frames by Starry Sky Stacker 1.2.0. Algorithm: Mean. All Rights Reserved by  Dr. Kenneth M. Beck

The VPOTUS has given orders that the first woman and next man are going to the Moon in 2024 and they will be Americans aboard American rockets, launched from American soil.  Now, the NASA Administrator, Bridenstine is on board, both with phrasing, speech, and exuberance if not excitement (compare these videos to his previous videos before the VPOTUS’ standing order => Moon in 2024).

I am excited for him and ALL OF NASA.  But most of all, I am excited for the American People and their firm democratic allies in Canada and around the World.  It will take democratic thinking, surpassing past generations.

Why do I emphasize democratic thinking?  Democratic thinking will allow us, as a species, to utilize the discoveries we will encounter, to understand the scientific research we will undertake, and unite us with tremendous leadership quickly.

The USA and NASA will lead the first ALL-WOMAN team to the Moon, to establish our first permanent settlement, followed quickly by mixed and multi-national teams.

Why do I think an ALL-WOMAN team is important?  We should not ask why an all-woman team?  We should ask…WHY NOT AN ALL-WOMAN?”

(1) No American woman has been to the Moon (a celestial object named for the Goddess, Luna), but 12 American men have walked on the Moon.

(2) There is already a movement by active, young women scientists and engineers to create an All-Women Team to the moon.

(3) When NASA went to the Moon with the name “Apollo” no one alive thought of that as a social statement, but it was…Apollo, “God of the Sun.”

(4) We cannot correct 1,000’s of years of oppression, lob-sided marriage arrangements, nor property relationships for every country on Earth.  But we can honor and recognize what I call… The Great Debt.

(5) The VPOTUS has outlined his goal and given the order…

‘The FIRST WOMAN and NEXT MAN to land on the Moon will be American Astronauts.’








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