25MAY1961, JFK sets a goal => “the Moon”

Celebrating 25MAY1961, when before the US Congress laid out his goal…”before this decade is out, to landing a man on the Moon and returning him safely to the Earth.” THAT was the Presidential mission passed from one President to another and was accomplished on 24JUL1969.  He knew he would NOT be president in 1969.  That some other shoes would replace his.

He did not know that one man would outvoted millions with a rifle poised to lay his life.  But he, like the nation, believed that a free people cannot rest long in mourning; licking their wounds, as a hostile power advanced in Space Exploration.  That a free people would seize the leadership of space from autocracy and dictatorship in whatever form.

A ‘newsreel’ seen in movie theaters of the era with the ‘blips’ of the speech President JFK, address The US Congress as most real POTUS can do.








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