Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS)…for the next generation

Inspired by the COO of SpaceX, Gwynne Shotwell’s revelations in her TEDx talk published previously,  IReallyAppreciateScience has initiated a series of articles and links to articles by other publications on a singular question…

“Why America is in 4th Place in Advanced Tech, when in the last Century it was in 1st?”

NGSS seems like they came out of the “blue”.  They did not.  Like the Advanced Physics (AP) courses offered by APS in high schools, and the SMSG math series for high school students in the 1960’s,  the NGSS is a full-on assault against ignorance and FOR SCIENCE.



Looking at the two maps above, I want each of you to be the judge.  Does NGSS seem worth it?  Does it prove its necessity?


This post is dedicated to the teachers and educators of Hawaii nei. It was through one of them, Bre’ Nelson-Mueller, that I learned about the practice of NGSS.  She teaches 4th Grade near Kailua-Kona and was recently married.  She was a Teach America scholar to Hawaii, but did not leave, like most do.  She stayed on into a second year and maybe a third and fourth, paying out of her own pocket for paper, pens, books, for her students.


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