Coffee Start in Martian Regolith Simulant

Its #CitizenScientist Day and we are celebrating by transplanting #3


C995CDB7-9BD0-48C0-A918-E03EB3BABC9FCoffee start #3 picked at random for first transplant. The grey trash back is to retain the volcanic soil and nutrients from original “Earth.”

You know it’s important.  I know it’s important. Coffee on Mars.

85ECCFAD-B169-4AF2-BD94-9043BE0DDF3FNASA Astronaut Dr. Serena Auñón Chancellor said of coffee on Mars, “That’s SO important! We talked about it on the ISS all the time.”  Here she is at the UBC Outer Space Institute in Vancouver, BC after her lecture, talking with students.

The first batch of coffee started in MMS-1 simulant died, almost immediately.  Now we have MMS-2, a new updated version that is 92% chemically similar superfine regolith simulant, and a second type made in the Exolith Lab at UCF in collaboration with NASA-KSC, MGS-1 that is minerologically identical to Rover samples analyzed by laser ablation and X-Ray spectroscopy.

We are beginning in MMS-2 that has been in our freezer for 8 weeks. We want to make sure all insects, eggs, or bugs are deceased before transplant.

We transplanted today in typical Seattle weather.  So far so, good. Not dead yet!  These plants will be our controls. To be grown in Earth atmosphere, 760 Torr.  Nothing fancy except the transplanting and the soils.

3DA544B5-541B-4596-A445-B10535ECD1B8Coffee start #3 in MMS-2 Martian regolith simulant after 24 hours.  So far…?  cross fingers!

3F1F8CCB-38FA-409C-8D8C-16E28F337508There is no Planet B, but we can still explore and we must. Wearing Elon Musk’s T-shirt and a N95 mask to prevent contamination- either way.  Me or plant 😉

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