The Study of Spacetime and Gravity: Part One

We need a new approach – not more education – on Spacetime or Gravity and General Relativity.  Not as an all-in-one theory, but as a theory of relativity.

So many assumptions stand in our way.   So many routines about education.  So many routines about life.  We grow accustom to a certain route; a certain viewpoint; an easy viewpoint.  Like gravitational “waves”,  although we do not go out and measure a “wave” height with a yardstick [this was discussed in a much early series of posts, here].  What is measured is a unique gravity signature or spacetime fluctuation in a laser beam.  It is real, but it is as much a leap to judge this a “wave”  as to judge dark “matter” as matter.

I’d like to begin and end, The Study of Spacetime and Gravity: Part One with this talk by Dr. Neil Degrasse Tyson on Dark “Matter”…




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