Indeterminant Skins, White Masks?

APOLOGY TO FRANZ FANON.  Here at a meeting of the Outer Space Institute (OSI) – actually the founding meeting I believe of the OSI at UBC-Point Grey, questions to a panel on ‘Mars Colonization’ were first taken from U30s or Under 30 year-olds.  As the audience was 30% in this category,  and were students, few questions arose immediately.

It is easy to be intimidated by an older, bald-headed professor running around with a microphone asking you if you are under 30, I guess.  “What does he want of me???”

Finally, desperate for a question, he took one from me. I ask,

“Do any of you think this panel, made up solely of white people, with only one woman will ever be the first crew to Mars, or to explore the Solar System?  I don’t think so.  You’re all white!  And from the same culture – Anglophones from Canada!”

It just struck me the way it struck Carl Sagan, below, I guess.   How arrogant and stupid the MCs of the conference were.  We need all peoples, all cultures, all beliefs to help us reach and survive on Mars and other planets we explore, just a we need each other to solve the mess we’re in on Planet A – Earth – the only planet we have.



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