“The USA FY19 Budget for Science and Energy is…staggering!” (a popular article re-posted; against President Trump’s wishes?)

Screen Shot 2018-09-26 at 8.06.58 PMThe NEW FY19 Budget For Science – “not what you expected!”

On Sept. 21, President Trump signed into law a three-bill fiscal year 2019 spending package that rejects his own proposal for large cuts to the Department of Energy’s applied energy R&D programs. While his administration argued much of those programs’ “later-stage” work could be left to industry.

The United States Congress could not be more explicit in rejecting that Presidential policy, stating “THE USDOE is directed throughout all of its programs to maintain a diverse portfolio of early-, mid-, and late-stage research, development, and market transformation activities.”


*This will be the first time since fiscal year 2000 that DOE will have had its new funding level in place by the start of the fiscal year on Oct. 1st.  This cannot be underestimated for continuity of programs and retention of staff – all the way to the those valuable admins who understand the specifics of how each program is accounted for and budgeted for their labs.

*The appropriation also arrives less than six months after Congress allocated a 16% increase for the Office of Science as part of its fiscal year 2018 spending legislation.

*The additional funding will advance work on such department priorities as exascale computing, user facility upgrades, and quantum information science.

I waited until the last budget allocation was published tonight, Wednesday 26SEP18 for Applied R&D. Whether you take them separately – in detail- or as a whole, the amounts and projects allocated is…staggering!

I am personally still reading, but some pundits are stuck in the past.  We wish you to read  and comment on the new DOE budget – the first PAID ON TIME since the USA was in the BLACK during the end of the Clinton Presidency.  Of course, we credit The United States Congress for acting – both as legislature and as executive in the absence of one, where necessary.


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