The Leading Technology is Electric- we must use it to stop CO2 emissions

A letter published in LinkedIn by Dr. Herbert Diess, CEO of Volkwagen. Here I only publish excerpts.


“Technology-oriented “- that was always the credo of the German automotive industry. Gasoline and diesel, CNG and hybrid, e-cars, fuel cell and synthetic fuels: In principle, everyone has done everything, usually in parallel. The industrial policy definition of a leading technology was rejected, also by Volkswagen.

“But this attitude is a thing of the past.

In order to stop global warming, there is no way around the Paris climate targets. To do this, the car must become cleaner as soon as possible and CO2-free by 2050 at the latest. E-mobility is the only technology that is feasible from today’s perspective.

“All German manufacturers are investing heavily in the expansion and ramp-up of electromobility, especially Volkswagen. Politicians and associations should no longer pretend that there are equivalent alternatives.

“I am convinced that if we concentrate all our energies on the leading technology of electromobility, we will achieve both: the car will become cleaner in the short term and CO2-free in the long term. And the car country Germany will be the world leader in driving the future.”



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