The Purple Sun and The Red Sun

Screen Shot 2019-02-21 at 12.56.23 PM

H-alpha image (left).  The sunspot group is in the lower part fo the frame.  The Ca II image (right) lower part is the strong magnetic flux region, as well. Ca II is actually Ca+ ion so is very sensitive to magnetic fields.

In a perfect camera-oriented world the white magnetic flux region of the Purple Sun would align with the dark “Sunspot” group.  However, it was such a beautiful day, I sat “in” the sun as the cameras worked…Oops!  50F (10C) in Seattle and sunny, blue skies.

All the calcium in our World comes from the Sun.  All the coral is made from this calcium.  All the clams and oysters, and lobsters, and crabs, and our teeth and our bones.


IMG_0077With my dual, parallel mounted solar telescopes, red-banded one is H-alpha with two pressure-tuned etalons (far side). 

I am the envy of the astronomer’s local group.   They are spaced so that they can take dualing videos in purple and red light that can then be seen in stereo like this,



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