Serious Cover For Climate Change Deniers – Cliff Mass attacks Jennifer Francis


“And then a number of supposedly reputable media outlets, such as the NY Times and the WA Post,”  posted Prof Cliff Mass,  “that are giving play to the hypothesis that global warming is causing more cold waves, through the “lazy jet stream” mechanism pushed by Dr. Jennifer Francis of Woods Hole and Dr. Judah Cohen, of a private sector firm, AER.

These claims are clearly false:  the observational evidence is very clear:  there are LESS cold waves today than in the past.   Which is exactly what we would expect in a warming world. Global warming is NOT causing more cold extremes, it is doing the OPPOSITE.” – Cliff Mass, UW Atmospheric Sciences,

The facts are no one is claiming colder.  Climate activists claim these are the signs of Climate Change. And they are.

But to put climate activists on a par with President Trump, he is doing exactly what he accuses the New York Times and Washington Post of doing and spreading disinformation.

A fellow of The National Academy of Science observed he did not debate from a scientific point of view…

“[Cliff Mass] doesn’t address the actual scientific claim, which is one of:

  1. trends in persistence of upper level air patterns
  2. trends in the latitudinal positions of the upper level air patterns.

I believe that these are the primary “extremes” that many scientists, not just Jennifer Francis, are talking about, not the temperatures. 

I have yet to see any of them claim that temperature anomalies are getting colder….. although they do say the anomalies are getting hotter. Correct?”


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