Carl Sagan on “Environmental Refugees” and by extension “The Wall”…

In 1990, the famed Professor Dr. Carl Sagan (“COSMOS”) somewhat ironically, gave a lecture on the reality of Global Warming in North Carolina.  Ironically, because North Carolina is one of the Southern States of the USA hardest hit with the effects of Global Warming through the recent Hurricanes, flooding, and storm surge.

I have copied about a minute of that talk (above), where he coins the term –  circa 1990 – “environmental refugees.”

The POTUS has just declared a “National Emergency” to build a Wall between the USA and Mexico.  Mexico.  Our neighbor and treaty-partner in NAFTA or USMCO or whatever, and multiple other defense and extradition treaties, under which the DEA finally captured and saw sentenced to prison for life, a killer and drug pusher like no other.  We NEEDED Mexico’s support to finally bring this criminal to final justice and secure prison IN the United States.

The question I have always had with The Wall.   Is it to protect Mexico from American Environmental Refugees? Or vice versa? As portrayed in the film “The Day After Tomorrow,” a fictional film based on the best available climatic data known at the time of its release. A clip is below…

You would believe that in a period of Global Warming, he would be doing his best to protect, “The American People.”

But, in truth, we do not know now – as I write this –  if Global Warming will threaten the US population first from Arctic Vortex collapse and extremely frigid Arctic air that claimed the lives of dozens of Americans already,  or from heath issues like balamuthia, malaria, typhus, and other warm-water diseases, from the south.

The best protection for the American People, as for all the people of the World, is to meet the Paris Agreement deadlines, act on the IPCC and WMO findings, and to stop greenhouse gas emissions.


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