Cannibis : The Global-Warming Elephant From Colorado

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Under Yellow light:  Producing a few pounds of weed can have the same environmental toll as fossil fuel driving across America seven times or a month’s worth of fossil fuel driving (28 days), harming cities’ and states’ plans to curb emissions.  Is America willing to part with indoor industrial growing at this level?  With this profit?

It’s the Global-Warming Elephant in the Room, no one wants to talk about. Even the same candidates and presidential hopefuls, as they talk about their efforts with a GREEN NEW DEAL promote universal, unrestrained legalization of marijuana – the most ungreen, unrenewable and unsustainable agricultural crop when grown indoors under intense, high pressure sodium lighting (HPS).  As intense as any hospital surgical room(1)

  • Growing indoor plant is not energy efficient, but driven by profit and competition 

The fact that as the US led the world in closing coal-powered electrical plants, its CO2 emission rose 3.4%  – mainly making up for that loss in electricity with natural gas is only the tip of the “Elephant Iceberg.”

  • The businessmen are “hip Gen-X”  They know what the IPCC reports…

According to a research report from an international group of scientists studying climate change, the globe’s level of carbon dioxide (CO2) in the air has reached 410 parts per million (ppm)…

“Research has shown that many crops, including cannabis, benefit from 900 to 1,200 ppm [carbon dioxide]. The optimum level depends on light intensity, temperature and maturity stage.  It is most effective during the bud to flowering stage.” (2)

As a result, they actually PUMP in pure – greenhouse gas – carbon dioxide to their indoor grow rooms from liquified sources, or through pure combustion of natural gas to increase the amount of CO2.

  •  Is combusting, smoking, or e-vaping marijuana like burning a tree?

Burning one tree  is not a carbon neutral event.  It does not equal growing one tree.

“Unfortunately, you can’t mandate something to be true that isn’t.  Burning forest biomass…is not inherently carbon neutral,”  stated Peter Frumhoff, Director of Science and Policy, Union of Concerned Scientists (2)

  • Biomass emission is not even mandated to be reported under International agreement (4)

Under international agreement, CO2 emissions from the combustion of biomass or biofuels are not included in National Greenhouse Gas Emissions inventories. Therefore, estimates for the CO2 emissions that result from the consumption (combustion) of ethanol in gasoline and of biodiesel in diesel fuel are not included in EIA’s estimates of U.S. energy-related CO2 emissions. (5)

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