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Parents in an Arctic Russian archipelago which has recorded the highest Arctic Sea surface temperatures (+10C) in recorded history are scared to send their children to school after a “mass invasion” of polar bears into residential areas, state news agency TASS reported.

Novaya Zemlya and Belushya Guba, located off Russia’s Arctic Barents and Kara Seas, has been swarmed by dozens of polar bears since December, 2018. The region’s largest settlements, with populations of about +2,500 people, has reported more than 50 sightings.

But Why Do Polar Bears Eat Garbage?

The Polar Bears, as wild animals, scavenge human garbage when their own natural habitat on the Arctic Sea-Ice is destroyed so that they have no place to fish, cache their food, and raise their young.  If we stop destroying their natural habitat on the Sea-Ice, they would not be eating our garbage to survive in Belushya Guba,  Novaya Zemlya, or anywhere else.

The Barents-Kara Sea Region has suffered the most Sea-Ice melt caused from human-initiated Global Warming over the last two decades.  It is also this region which is responsible for Sudden Stratospheric Warming that destabilizes the Arctic (Polar) Vortex, leading to frigid air descending on North America during the Winter.



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