Extinction Rebellion – They are correct “12 years to save Earth” – My Editorial

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Extinction Rebellion came from nowhere – in their own words – and is in the streets confronting both those who know; those who should know; those who need to know, through agitation and urgency.

As far as I can tell, along with student and youth strikes/action, #ClimateStrike and #FridaysForFuture and #GreenCampaignAfrica it springs from a righteous understanding and anger to the fact that, in fact, nothing is being done in accord with the Paris Agreement.  Nothing.

I say that, not because the Paris Agreement is the end all or be all, but it is how the World Powers judge themselves and each other, and how we can judge them and their hypocrisy.

If there is a World Leader in the Northern Hemisphere who does not play a role warming the planet, send me their name.  I will interview them. 

In the words of Greta Thunberg at Davos #wef,   “To not do enough, we need to do something.  We aren’t doing anything. Some people are doing too much.  Others aren’t doing anything.”

In say this, I know nothing of the individuals, but their collective message or absolute urgency to “STOP.  JUST STOP CARBON EMISSIONS.  STOP IT, NOW!”

I was asked by a middle class farmer, in Canada, “How?  I have 70 people working for me.  How do I stop using fossil fuels?  People will starve.”

“I do not know,” I said.  “I don’t know anything about your farm.  If you are now using dry-land techniques, or organic pesticides, or your methodology of rotation.”

“Wouldn’t you rather be responsible for your own reduction, your local Co-op, or people that know?  I know this.  If we don’t stop.  Agriculture will die in the Plains.  In Manitoba.”

Do I as an almost 70 year-old, know or want to know anyone in Extinction Rebellion? No. Will I join Extinction Rebellion in the streets? Please, no.

I will continue to wage a scientific investigation to expose ignorance and promote truth of the world.   In the words of a Twitter friend in Uganda, “You will continue to spread the word.”  I will uncover the old talks and videos, like of Carl Sagan that will enlighten those in their 40’s, 50’s, and 60’s who still can do something

For example, something I have been doing for four years of my retirement is modeling the Arctic Sea-Ice Minimum: Why the weakening of the Arctic Vortex – at least – and most probably weakening of the Antarctic Vortex is a direct outcome of Global Warming.

You know the weakened Arctic Vortex, like your children around the World, is a child of humanity in the 21st Century.  Like the eventual 10 year-cycle of Arctic Ice Cap Meltdown (as forecast in the IPCC).   We are taking responsibility for it.  For our own frigid deaths.  For our own heat-stroked and diseased deaths, even if we did not cause it.  In this case, there are two sides of history.

If you are young and spry and want to make a difference in an all-round way => https://rebellion.earth/



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