The Green New Deal


During the Cold War The USA spent 10 trillion dollars* on weapons and defense. That was enough to buy EVERYTHING IN AMERICA , except the land.  The threat clearly was not 100% .

If the threat to The American People and the People of the World is even 50% isn’t it worth a #GreenNewDeal to STOP CLIMATE CHANGE? And finally end dependence on ALL FOSSIL FUEL?

*1990 estimate, Parks Communication.

The essential Prof. Dr.Carl Sagan from his 1990 speech in North Carolina on the reality of Global Warming and The Climate Crisis.  This is great for youth to use in discussing their future with their parent(s). Most parents respect Carl Sagan on one level or another.  Few know he stood on the side of Climate Action and the future.  We catch him mid-speech.

Here he introduces three main points in 20 minutes:

  1.  The Role of Denial and Deniers in the Coming Climate Crisis.
  2. The Reality of Greenhouse/Global Warming or Why humans are here in the first place.
  3. How much it cost for the USA in the Cold War? (10 Trillion USD)  Why can’t we find a “New Deal” now for Climate Action?


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