Carl Sagan and Carolyn Porco

Prof. Dr. Carl Sagan turned to the best imaging specialist, Dr. Carolyn Porco, and before the Voyagers had gotten to Saturn, he ask her if she could try to “snap a photo of “our blue dot.”  He did not know of any plans for Voyager II, now I, to exit the Solar System.  He just wonder if she could “snap one photo.”

It is said one photo is worth a thousand words…

Decades later as Chief of Imaging on the Cassini Mission, Dr Porco snapped her own, giving us high resolution of Earth AND Moon…

IMG_0010 A photo given to me by a stranger of Dr. Carolyn Porco and myself at GPO.

I was fortunate enough to meet Dr. Carolyn Porco during a talk at Griffith Park Observatory (GPO).  She was an inspiration to me as a great imaging specialist and scientist during my early years as a researcher. Someone snapped this photo of us near the very moment that Sam Shepard passed away (R.I.P.).  I was wearing my brown Schott’s Bomber jacket I bought in Chicago ~1981-1982, a year before the famous Sam Shepard wore one in the movie “The Right Stuff”.  “So many things are for an instant in time,” I will try to write.  So many things exist that later we look back on as important things.  We have any opportunity now to save our species and our planet.

We have only one blue dot for all of us.  One solitary Earth.  At this point, we cannot settle another.   One moment in spacetime to save it…and us.



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