‘They applauded themselves for ruining the Earth. For ruining your future!’

Greta Thunberg was ask to speak at this Forum.  She spoke, and the adults applauded themselves for being the people making money and destroying the Earth consciously!?  Are they even listening to her?

Some may ask, why did Greta Thunberg go to The World Economic Forum 2019?  Why did she travel all the way to Davos, Switzerland by train? 

There are many reasons why she would. We cannot name them all.

She was ask to prepare a video that could be portable, in many formats, and be utilized at Davos in the forums and talks making it specific to Davos. During the course of preparing for it and being part of Davos – she gained knowledge and networked.

She spent a night on the side of a mountain at -18C with the Arctic Camps.  These people burn wood to stay warm.  She “worked” with them on understanding the few options we have and youth have today, because of the immaturity of the adults.  But not all the adults.  Those that made unbelievable amounts of money, as she says, out of knowingly destroying the Earth.

She gained credibility.  she worked with folks she did not always agree with, but never, ever, refuse a forum to represent the voice of youth, of students, of the underdeveloped nations and countries.

She never wavered in her message.  Not being apologetic. Not changing it for different audiences.  Not in anyway compromising the message.

img_0022Greta Thunberg and Jane Goodall, #wef19


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