The Magnetic Poles, how can we check them?

In North America

(1) Take a compass and turn it 90 degrees orthogonal, point North to South. Stand clear of all metals.  Now, it is sensitive to the “Field Lines” of the Earth’s Magnetic field as it pass overhead and through us, North to South.

(2) Measure the angle of the needle point at maximum deflection.  Down is position.  This is the your Local MEASURED Inclination (I).

D magnetic declination, defined as the angle between true north (geographic north) and the magnetic north (the horizontal component of the field). D is positive eastward of true North.
I magnetic inclination, defined as the angle measured from the horizontal plane to the magnetic field vector; downward is positive

(3)  Go online and to Geomagnetism CANADA 

(4) Use the Magnetic Field Calculator with your known Latitude and Longitude.

(5) Record the COMPUTED Inclination (I).  How does it match your measured value?

If “yes”, pretty close => The Magnetic North Pole has not changed much.

If “no” => it might have!  How would you measure How Much?

Do this many times from many places you go to in the bus or train, or walking.


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