screen shot 2019-01-16 at 11.16.28 amThe National CBC NEWS

The Anti- #ClimateStrike forces arrayed in Alberta.  Apparently, even a disabled Santa Claus has joined the fight for MORE oil pipelines and more cattle. Yes, most are out-of-work, in large part because no one really wants the dirty oil shale any more.  Seriously.

The Canada Government of PM Trudeau is now on the hook, so-to-speak for and estimated $7.7 -10 BILLION CAN (CDN), The First Peoples and First Nations of British Columbia do not want it going through their land.  The Unites Stateds, despite the somewhat supportive talk from POTUS Trump, in fact, does not want it either.  It is expensive oil; dirty oil; bad fossil fuel.  The worst fossil fuel on earth if ANY fossil fuel can be said to be less-than-worse!

One wonders how much longer Oil Shale can suckle at the giant teat of Canada? Destroying its environment.  Destroying its economy.   The Canadian dollar hovers at $1.32 to the US dollar. Why?


It is NOT politics of Liberal.  It is NOT politics of PM Trudeau.  People are trying to criminalise fossil fuel, and this one province, ALBERTA, is trying to drive everyone else into debt and up the smokestack.

As Greta Thunberg, the 16-year old student fighting for her future with millions of other students and youth has said recently,

“More and more reports are showing that 10% of the worlds richest people emits 50% of the CO2.  And a few companies are responsible for enormous proportions of the greenhouse gas emissions.  In Sweden for instance 3 companies, @hm , @electrolux and @inside_ericsson together emits more than the whole of Sweden – which moves the debate from the individual level.  So that the really big polluters can’t get away with what they are doing…”





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