Earth to Mars takes 6.5 months: The maximum amount of time astronauts spend in the I.S.S.

screen shot 2019-01-12 at 12.15.02 pmThe most fantastic ideas from SpaceNews.  “Creating a demand function for propellant…providing key investments…expanding…Earth’s economic realm into space.”  Wow! How REAL is that?!  And they call me a dreamer.


Earth to Mars takes 6.5 months. That is what the inSight space craft landing demonstrated.  Not years.  Not even a year.  But 6.5 months.  It also demonstrated that a space craft can land itself with the assistance of two very important communication Cubesats, each packaged an pre-launched before deployment of the landing craft to orbit Mars and set up a communication link with Earth.


And a new mission has now been set in motion on the I.S.S. to maintain that timeframe of 6.5 months for both woman and men astronauts as “SOP” (Standard operating Procedure).  So what does this mean?

  • It means that humans can withstand the “rigors” of unprotected space for the amount of time necessary to reach the Martian surface directly from Earth launch.  Including all forms of cosmic and solar wind-generated radiation.
  • It means if humans today had a Martian base underground, and shielded, from the unprotected space of the surface, and a spacecraft to take them safely they could go to Mars and begin habitation.


So, why the Moon? Why, as soon as it was announced everyone thought that sounded good.  Earth -> Moon -> Mars.  Sounds good.  Build a Space Force on the way.  Sounds good?

Here is a chronological reference list of articles that will set you on the way from Earth to Moon to Mars:

One year ago

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