Why Climate Change CAN Be Scary

screen shot 2019-01-06 at 3.14.15 pmLast of three predicted storms this week with new models modified by UW rocking the PNW. Gust to 66 kts. 

After writing the post about why we shouldn’t be scared by Climate Change,  I was faced by a mother not knowing Cliff Mass or who wasn’t in anyway scientific,  and her daughter who works as a leasing agent where I live.  Her mother was SCARED for her daughter, and rightly so.  The wind storms hitting Seattle now are scary to them.  They were not “up” on changes in the weather pattern.  Most folks who lost power (Seattle-area saw 300,000+) were not.  Most folks who were “glad it was over,” are not preparing for the next two forecasted later this week.

They don’t know anything about weather.  They want to understand. They do not or care for “politicized weather” as is offered by The Stranger (Seattle’s imdependent)  or by NOAA’s shutdown.

Cliff Mass has few failures in weather forecasting, but I will leave it to him to summarize how he differs with the National Academy of Sciences (NAS), IPCC, and WMO on weather events that can be assigned to climate change.  He is at the forefront of weather forecasting for the PNW.


screen shot 2019-01-06 at 3.03.10 pmWind speed and direction (velocity) – one full barb or branch is 10 knots.  1/2 barb is 5 knots on the Weather charts. 


Right-Hand Rule explained for the Northern Hemisphere


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