“May The Year 2019 be the year we start changing everything!” – Greta Thunberg

“Six things that happened in 2018 that gives me hope in 2019:

“1. More and more leading scientists are speaking clearly about the emergency of the climate crisis. And people like the UN Secretary General, António Guterres, say that we are facing an existential threat.

“2. The IPCC report. Even though it’s a huge compromise and a lot of economic interests have much to say, it shows clearly that we need to change everything.  Limiting warming to 1.5°C is possible within the laws of chemistry and physics but doing so would require unprecedented changes.

“3. Emissions are still increasing. Sounds weird…but if the emissions would have gone down by, like, 0.1% everyone would think what we’re doing right now is enough, and then go back to sleep.

“4. More and more reports are showing that 10% of the worlds richest people emits 50% of the CO2.  And a few companies are responsible for enormous proportions of the greenhouse gas emissions.  In Sweden for instance 3 companies, @hm , @electrolux and @inside_ericsson together emits more than the whole of Sweden – which moves the debate from the individual level.  So that the really big polluters can’t get away with what they are doing.

“5. All the solutions are already out there. Even if they sometimes mean NOT doing things and simply giving up some of our habits.  Like you do in a crisis…

“6. Movements of resistance are starting and growing everywhere.  Like Extinction Rebellion, The Sunrise Movement and many, many others.” – Greta Thunberg

“May 2019 be the year when we start to change everything. Happy New Year!”             – Greta

Sometimes, it only takes the right leadership at the table, unafraid…

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