Why Climate Change is NOT scary. It’s is – sadly – what is happening.

I will make this short, but I will make the points that are necessary.  Climate change is NOT scary.

Why is it NOT scary?

(1) it IS happening. Temperatures ARE rising.

(2) Polar Ice IS melting more frequently.

(3) The biodiversity of the Earth IS threatened.

(4) We can discuss about how much is man-made, but even that is not scary.

The reason I am dealing with this question at all is more than one of my relatives thinks Climate Change “is scary”. It’s not.

I believe that folks think something that is TOO BIG, or UNKNOWN is, “scary.”  It is “SO BIG” in their eyes, it drives them to inactivity.  They cannot see REAL ADVANCES; they are blinded by FEAR.

But, please, do not project your fear or misunderstanding on me; on other advocates of Climate Action. On scientists.

What you SHOULD FEAR, however, and think SCARY, is when dedicated scientists, such as myself tell YOU – The American Public – TO TAKE A HIKE.


As the authors of GRAVITATION dedicated their book, so to we dedicated ourself as scientists…



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