Christmas Lectures 2018: Who am I? Episode 3: What Makes Me, Me ?

Screen Shot 2018-12-28 at 9.28.42 AMFinal Episode of The Royal Institution’s Christmas Lectures, 2018

The Third and Final Episode of The Christmas Lectures is at 12:00 PST and 20:00 GMT.  If you have a license or live in the Commonwealth and pay the receiver license, you may watch LIVE.  If you wish to view it later, or missed it, the PINK and WHITE triangle indicates it is free to download via BBC iPlayer.  It will be “FREE TO ALL” afterwards, they promise, and has been true of all other Christmas Lectures.

Prof. Alice Roberts queries on Twitter,

“We’re back with the third and last Christmas lecture tonight, when [Prof. Aoife McLysaght] and I will explore the relationship between genes and phenotype – what makes use who we are, as individuals?  And asking – how much difference and diversity do we want in our society?”  (Hmmm.  “how much difference and diversity?” my answer to that question – would be “as much as we can get.”  But I know it is not that easy…)

AND IT WASN’T!  Oh My GOSH!  This final episode.  This whole series of Lectures.  They re-establish The Royal Institution’s Christmas Lectures as a pre-eminent source of science for youth and children (and adults, btw). The interaction, the preparation.  It’s not just high-tech, its deep-tech and deep-thought.

They do not shy away from the hard, nor the easy answers that go nowhere. They take them on!  All of them. At one point in Lecture 2, when Prof. Alice Roberts asked “Oh, I bet some parents in the audience will be writing in about that one,” you knew this was directed at their children and not the parents.  Today, as it turns out, kids are not being allowed to grow up at a slower pace as us older generations did.  They are forced to confront heavy questions RIGHT NOW!

Why? One answer given by many kids is that their parents are NOT MATURE ENOUGH. That is just one answer. But if we shut ourselves off to the possibilities of any answer or solution, we may spell the doom of humanity in the face of adaption and climate change, I guess.


Well done series.  Well done Christmas Lectures.

#xmaslectures on Twitter



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