Christmas Lectures 2018: Who am I? Episode 1: Where Do I Come From?

Professor Alice Roberts meets our ancestral family and illustrates our place in the “Tree Of Life”.  Attempting to answer the basic questions of identity and existence for each of us, we are all unique and different.  It’s seems almost ordained by ‘quantum physics’.  Not to be missed!

“You share 99.4% of your genes with your neighbour, 98.7% with a chimp, and even 44% with a fruit fly – yet you are also entirely unique – there is nobody else quite like you.  In this year’s CHRISTMAS LECTURES, Professor Alice Roberts, and genetics expert Aoife McLysaght, take us on a journey to answer this most fundamental question: Who Am I?

“We humans tend to view ourselves as separate from the natural world, a special creation even, but we’re far more closely related to the rest of the animal kingdom than you might imagine. From how our limbs evolved from fins, to the colour of our eyes, Alice and Aoife investigate our fascinating evolutionary story to reveal how we became who we are today.

“In lecture one we explore our animal family, meeting our distant cousins – from fish to fruit flies – unearthing clues to our evolutionary past and revealing surprising similarities as we discover our true place in the tree of life.” – BBC 4 The Royal Institutuion’s Christmas Lectures 

If you cannot follow the three episodes on BBC 4, you can follow the Twitter feed at #xmaslectures hosted by the two professors.


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